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Doug's Air Conditioning Hemphill, TX

Have you recently been told that the your air conditioner needs to be replaced? Take a moment to consider that 100% of the systems that we have gone out on for a second opinion had previously been told by another local contractor that the entire unit needed to be replaced when in fact they only needed minor repairs. In almost ALL cases, they just needed a good cleaning. Statistically, it is definitely worth a SECOND OPINION if you've had a local contractor condemn your system.


As of the posting of this site, not one of the units where the homeowner had been told that the unit had "gone out" or needed replacement, but needed nothing other than a minor repair. Everyone makes a mistake once in awhile, but the consistancy is troubling.


Call us up today and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to let one of our field service engineers give you a risk and cost free diagnosis as soon as possible. Like our price guarantee, this is just one of the many ways Doug's Air Conditioning is committed to customer satisfaction.