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Learn How to Lower Your Energy Bills By Installing Spray Foam Insulation




Several study results show that over 40% of a building's total energy loss may be due to air infiltration. Insulation such as fiberglass doesn't properly fight against air infiltration since it is often stapled into place and tends to leave an opening or cracks when fixed into crevices. This leaves enough space in cracks and crevices for air to pass through, thus reducing overall efficiency.

Since spray foam adheres to it's surface, it allows for maximum results in sealing and creating barriers, fighting against air infiltration while increasing energy efficiency. It has also been proven to help cut down overall heating and cooling expenses due to its R-value per square inch, which helps provide better insulation and control within the environment’s temperature levels, leaving things more comfortable all around.


Because foam insulation has a high-quality barrier, it can help protect against moisture infiltration. Excess moisture can often create harmful health matters when concerning mold and mildew, which are generally a result of poor moisture protection or insulation. This allows mold to wreak havoc on the structure itself and possibly its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, completely preventing mold isn’t possible. However, adding the barrier protection and sealing of spray insulation, You can greatly reduce the posibility of these problems. Since mold mainly is a result of moisture, weather conditions and outside elements, having the barrier protection and superior sealing of spray foam can help immensely.


Foam insulation is also a great sound barrier thanks to the tightened acoustics that it offers, lending more privacy to a room. Its monolithic consistency also offers strength to a structure when concerning rack and sheer, giving it added stability over all. Since spray foam is permanent, another benefit is gaining long-lasting structural help as well.

There are many ways spray foam insulation is considerably better than other available optoins. It not only helps reduce pollen and dust, adds strength to structures, has a long-lasting lifespan, helps to reduce sound issues, adds superior protection against moisture and air but also helps to maintain overall energy savings.