Price Guarantee

Doug's Air Conditioning will beat any local contractor on an air conditioner replacement change out by 5%, or you get $50.00.

Have you recently received a bid for contracted installation of a new comfort system? Are you thinking about accepting bids now or in the near future? You may be interested to know that we are able and willing to beat any bid you have received for your new system by at least 5%. If you have already received bids but haven't had us out yet, give us a call with the type of equipment you recently received a bid on, and the amounts for labor / products / installation included with the bid. If you haven't received bids yet, call us now to get the process started. If we can't beat a bid you receive from another local licensed A/C contractor by at least 5%, we will happily pay you $50.00 after you have work completed for a price less than we were able to provide. Like our free second opinion, this is also a 100% free service and just one of the many ways Doug's Air Conditioning is committed to customer satisfaction.

Free Second Opinion

Free Second Opinion Service, S.O.S.

Have you recently been told that your air conditioner needs to be replaced? Take a moment to consider that 100% of the systems that we have gone out on for a second opinion had previously been told by another local contractor that the entire unit needed to be replaced when in fact they only needed minor repairs. In almost ALL cases, they just needed a good cleaning. Statistically, it is definitely worth a SECOND OPINION if you've had a local contractor condemn your system.


As of the posting of this site, not one of the units where the homeowner had been told that the unit had "gone out" or needed replacement, but the unit needed nothing other than a minor repair. Everyone makes a mistake once in awhile, but the consistancy is troubling.


Call us up today and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to let one of our field service engineers give you a risk and cost-free diagnosis as soon as possible. Like our price guarantee, this is just one of the many ways Doug's Air Conditioning is committed to customer satisfaction.

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Air Conditioning & Heating
Frequently Asked Questions

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for "heating, ventilating, and air conditioning". It is alternately referred to as "climate control". Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning improve the quality of indoor air, provide temperature control, and control the flow of air throughout your home.


How does air flow in a home

There a series of air ducts that run throughout the building, pictures above, which are responsible for delivering a continuous supply of fresh air. This happens as long as the HVAC system is turned on. This air may be warmed (for example, by a furnace) or cooled (by an air conditioner or outdoor cooling unit), or it may be the air within your home being filtered and recycled to prevent rooms from getting stuffy.


What size unit do I need?

You need to determine the size of the system required by your home before you buy one. An experienced HVAC Contractor uses many different factors to decide what is right. Among the more important factors are the style and size of your home, type and density of insulation, if any, and the condition of your attic and basement. Whether your home is facing the sun or not is also very importantt. A professional HVAC Contractor will use computers with several programs to determine the ideal unit for your individual needs.


Why is maintenance important?

It is essential that an experienced HVAC Contractor look over your entire systemonce every 3 to 6 months. Tune ups in spring and fall prepare your system for the summers and winters and adjustments during the off seasons keep your system running at peak efficiency. A system that’s kept in efficient working conditions with minimal strain will result in lower heating and cooling bills. A qualified HVAC Contractor is the appropriate person to make sure your unit is working optimally when you need it most.


Not Cooling or Heating?

If your heating or cooling goes out during days when the temperatures are extreme, it could pose health risks family. Instead of risking the health of your family, get in touch with your HVAC Contractor and have identify the problem immediately.


Are we licensed?

Yes. Texas Air Conditioning License #B22514C.


Hours of operation

The phones go to my house after hours and we have guys on call throughout the evening and weekends. We do not charge overtime. Call 409-787-3001.