About Doug's Air Conditioning Insulation
and Heating - Hemphill, Texas

The United States government says that of all the types of small businesses, the number one most likely to go out of businesses is a restaurant. The number two most likely is an Air Conditioning Contractor. They say that over 80% of all air conditioning repair shops will go out of business within the first five years of opening their doors. Of the 20% that make it through, 80% more of them will close within the next 5 years.


Doug's Air Conditioning Insulation and Heating has made it past those time frames and are still going strong. The reason almost all air conditioning firms fail is because the owner does not have the required abilities to successfully run a business. Yes, he may know how to change out an air conditioning system; but likely has no idea about things like R.O.I., fixed overhead, employment laws. You can bet you are looking at a rookie air conditioning contractor when all his guys are driving new trucks, working from a financed shop, causing too many payments which is a sure road to bankruptcy. All my service vehicles are paid for and we are nearly debt free as a company. What does this mean to you, the home owner? With a low debt load, it would be unlikely for us to go out of business; therefore, insuring that we will be here to service what we have installed into your most valuable asset -- your home or business.

Everyone who works for Doug's Air Conditioning owns their own home in the East Texas, Hemphill Texas area. This means that their job is not just something they do to have beer money for the weekend. They are putting down roots and plan on being around for a long time. Every one of the people at Doug's Air Conditioning has a family to support. So, they realize that your satisfaction is an important part of their ability to raise a family here in Hemphill, Texas and the East Texas area.


Training! Training! Training! The service techs at Doug's Air Conditioning are the best trained of all the local air conditioning firms. At Doug's A/C we do extensive in-house training, in-house factory training (Factory trainers come on site to teach us at our shop) and Factory training at the factory. While it's true we can't know every thing, we do work at it harder than most.


Doug's Air Conditioning handles our own call backs and warranty work. We get calls on a fairly regular basis when the equipment is new and the other company who installed it won't answer their phones, or can't get out there. Doug's Air Conditioning, of course, tells them we can come out; but we aren't doing it as a warranty. If we put it in and it stops working, we come out and fix it. You will never have to call one of our competitors to fix it.